Stride is your bridge to building an inclusive workforce

Breaking Down Barriers

Benefits of inclusive hiring practices


People facing unique challenges are an untapped resource that can help organizations fill labour and skills shortages. They simply need supports and accommodations to succeed; Stride is here to help!

 When you work with Stride and hire people facing barriers to work, your business can benefit from:

  • Improved Productivity – Reduced absenteeism
  • Cost Savings – Reduced turnover and improved retention of your workforce
  • Healthy Workplace Culture – Businesses that welcome a diverse workforce lay the groundwork for a vibrant workplace environment, which leads to optimal employee performance


Connect with one of Stride's Job Developers today to learn more about how we can support your business.

Anne Lech at 905-693-4252 x 309
Melissa Hasen at 905 693-4252 x 401

With 40 years of experience, Stride understands how to break down barriers to employment. Our team is well-equipped to help Ontario employers build an inclusive team, strenghening their competitive advantage and increasing their overall profit.

We support you by:

  • Building a close relationship with your human resource team, understanding your specific hiring needs
  • Pre-screening appropriate candidates to ensure a good match
  • Giving opportunities for candidate training and certification
  • Building long-term relationships to help retain employees and address performance concerns
  • Consultation on required work-place modifictions if needed
  • Supporting the employee as they adjust to their new environment
  • Helping you choose beneficial government programs and subsidies

Stride prepares every client for long-term, meaningful work by:

  • Accessing their individual talent and skill
  • Identifying unique opportunities
  • Teaching workplace responsibilities and protocols
  • Helping clients create a thorough resume and developing their interview skills
  • Working with each client's personal issues and helping to facilitate transportation, family support and financial challenges

"Whether you operate a small to medium-sized enterprise or a multi-national corporation, whether your business is in the private, public or non-profit sector, people with disabilities have much to contribute and can have a positive impact on your bottom line."

ODEN (Ontario Disability Employment Network)